What is Collective intelligence?

Collective Intelligence is the ABC of Internet as well as the fundamental Power! David & Danny think that Collective Intelligence does not exist in the service of what is so called currently Blog(or minihompy). What do you think?

What is Collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence as characterized by Tom Atlee, Douglas Engelbart, Cliff Joslyn, Ron Dembo, and other theorists, is that which overcomes groupthink and individual cognitive bias in order to allow a relatively large number of people to cooperate in one process – leading to reliable action.

A large number of cooperating entities can cooperate so closely as to become indistinguishable from a single organism with a single focus of attention and threshold of action.

Collective intelligence, which has antecedents in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s concept of noosphere as well as H.G. Wells’s concept of world brain, has more recently been examined in depth by Pierre Levy in a book by the same name, by Howard Bloom in Global Brain, by Howard Rheingold in Smart Mobs, and by Robert David Steele Vivas in The New Craft of Intelligence in which the concepts of all citizens as intelligence minutemen, drawing only on legal and ethical sources of information, create public intelligence that keeps public officials and corporate managers honest, come together to turn the concept of national intelligence (previously about spies and secrecy) on its head.


Collective intelligence is at root a *human* enterprise, in which mind-sets, a willingness to share, and an openness to the value of distributed intelligence for the common good are paramount. Individuals who respect collective intelligence are confident of their own abilities, and recognize that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of any individual parts.

One measure sometimes applied, especially by more artificial intelligence focused theorists like Douglas Engelbart, is collective intelligence quotient (or cooperation quotient), which presumably can be measured like the individual intelligence quotient (IQ) – thus making it possible to determine the marginal extra intelligence added by each new individual participating in the collective.

Maximizing collective intelligence relies on the ability of an organization to accept and develop The Golden Suggestion,” which is any potentially useful input from any member. Group think often hampers collective intelligence by limiting input to a select few individuals or filtering potential Golden Suggestions without fully developing them to implementation.