Collective Intelligence Pyramid

Recently David & Danny pays much attention to Social Network services to find answers to several questions; how can we make Collective Intelligence(CI) in the web services that we use in our daily web life, how can we let CI make web services smarter?, and so on.

In fact, we can find many of vestiges of CI in many of traditional successful web services like, and CI has been emerged with the increase of the number of connections between different databases in a web service.

Not long ago, we found a good document regarding CI, which is a ‘Collective Intelligence internal flow’ written by Pierre Lévy, who has been described as a cyber-philosopher, currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence at the University of Ottawa. Today, we would like to introduce his idea to our readers briefly.

‘Collective Intelligence internal flow’ represents two-way value flows across the 6 poles, the interaction of which is necessary to the emergence of Collective Intelligence; Reflection, Intention, Competence, Recorded Memory, Trusted Relationships, and Enabling technologies.

If you want to refer to the original article, click the URL below.

David & Danny has carefully attempted to reorganize Pierre Lévy’s ‘Collective Intelligence internal flow’ into a diagram of Pyramid form, which is named ‘Collective Intelligence Pyramid’.

[Collective Intelligence Pyramid]

The reason we placed ‘Trust, social capital’ at the top of pyramid is we do not see ‘Trust, social capital’ as an element, but perceive it as a goal we are going to reach through CI.

In our pyramid, we are considering not only ‘Support’ as a Technology, an infrastructure across the 4 points, but also ‘Recorded Memory’ as a Ontology, an Information tagging & hierarchy system.

Today, we brought up a breed of topics to D&D sites. Even though today’s discussion on CI is far away from grasping the total view of CI, we hope that our basic introduction to CI would have you pay an attention to CI systems or CI services which will make a deep change on our web experience. If you have any questions, or comments, we welcome all.

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